I am neither an artist nor a professional. I am only a lover of art and when they ask me what I am and what I do, I reply :
"You are simply seeing though my own eyes".
The story began a long time ago somewhere far away, when my refugee grandfather came from the coast of Asia Minor back in 1922. He was an itinerant photographer with a huge camera and travelled around for his daily wages. It is like what we say sometimes, we set off for one destination and life takes us elsewhere.
Born to Christos and Konstantia in the beautiful city of Volos in February, 1966, and spending my first childhood years close to my grandfather, I saw him capturing images from everything surrounding him. Much later, I realized just how much I marvelled at this "click" and how magical it could prove to be. I always remember sitting outside my grandfather's darkroom watching so that no one would enter, letting the light in and burning the negatives. In return, he would give me old developed films.
The story did not end with my grandfather or with me. My childhood curiosity would absorb like a sponge everything that had to do with photography. The story continued with my father, a photographer with two studios, something that retained my love for photography. My vision was to someday find myself in the darkroom in order to create what I was imagining. At 9 years-old, in 1974, I did my first photo-collage. I was very happy when my father said that my work was very good! While still very young, I used my father's camera to take portraits of various people while working on lighting the photographs in the studio. I remember pretending to be a photographer among my friends and then getting into the darkroom to develop and print the photographs, many of which I sold.
As a teenager, I acquired my own camera, something that turned out to be a brand new experience for me. That day was a milestone in my life, and changed everything for ever. 
But everything eventually ends and my experience with photography ended relatively quickly. At about 15 years old, I was accepted at the NCO Army School to be a technician and petty officer, a job that had nothing to do with photography and creativity. As I kept away from the camera in my daily life, my passion for creativity strengthened, and all the more I loved everything I saw around me. I observed lined, circles, colours, people, all in a composition that I would only see, although I tried not to see everything professionally. So, matter for matter's sake, but through it  I want to bring out its spiritual side, that which amazed me and I construed it as art, good art. Although I am neither artist nor professional, I am a lover of art.